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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  May 5, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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mike green's goal makes all the difference. the caps beat the rangers to tie the series. they're back, another cicada invasion hits sir sir. a daughter run over in an act of road rage while on her way to visit her mother in the hospital. police say a father shot and kills his son. it happened just before 9:00 this evening on spiceberry circle. police say a 55-year-old father was arguing with his 22-year-old son. the father then shot the son with a handgun. the son walked out to the barking lot where he died. now to a deadly act of road rage. the search is on for the driver
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responsible. >> reporter: the victim's mother describes her as a very typical 21-year-old girl. she was going to school and also working. now, she was an only child. as you can imagine, she was very close to her mom. her mom was in the hospital expecting the daughter to come see her. when she didn't show up, she called her cell phone. a police officer answered and said, something bad had happened. >> i don't know how i'm going to get through this. >> tanya moore's only child was found dead here on harrison lane in fairfax county friday morning. police say she had been run over in a possible case of road rage. >> how can somebody be cruel and leave a dead person laying on the side of the road? >> moore had a stroke on monday, her daughter was headed to the hospital to visit her. >> she never made it.
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she never made it. >> reporter: arington had gotten out of her car and had a confrontation with a driver of a dark colored suv with temp tags around 11:30 friday morning. the medical examiner determined she died from a crush injury, the driver of this lexus suv saw some of the exchange and stayed at the scene. >> whoever hit her, just come forward. i'm fair, i'll give you the chance to tell me what happened. >> reporter: arington was studying criminal justice and working for a defense contractor. her mom says she's not the kind of person to get in a road rage confrontation. she wants answers and justice. >> she meant the world to me. my life was hurt. and now someone took that away from me. >> now, police still do not know exactly what happened.
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is this a case of road rage or is it possible the victim knew the person who ran her over. if you take a look behind me, there are two of these message boards on the roadway surrou surrounding where this incident happened. they are looking for witnesses. anyone who may have seen this or has information that may help is asked to call fairfax county police. darcie spencer, news four. a silver spring woman is dead tonight. police say she was fatally stabbed by her estranged husband in a car outside her home. hector is accused of stabbing 47-year-old anna ayala. it happened this morning. witnesses saw the stabbing, granados later turned himself in. charges are pending. turning to decision 2012 tonight. president obama officially kicked off his presidential
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campaign in richmond. the president spoke on the campus of virginia commonwealth university. julie carrie has our story. >> it looked and sounded a lot like 2008, this rousing rally at virginia commonwealth university. president obama officially launched his 2012 campaign in the state where he made history four years ago. the state considered a must win for re-election. >> four years ago, you and i began a journey together. >> the president says that journey will take a little longer to restore lost jobs. but credits his administration with reviving the american auto industry. and he told supporters a mitt romney presidency would mean tax policies of the past that favor the wealthy and leave the rest behind. >> this is a make or break time for the middle class.
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>> reporter: some party leaders sat in on the rally and accused the president of not holding up to his campaign promises. >> reporter: supporters are confident virginia voters will once again back the democrat. >> the base is energized. >> i believe he has kept his promises. he's pretty much bringing the economy up. >> both barack obama and mitt romney came to the commonwealth twice this week and there's no doubt they will continue to be frequent visitors to must win virginia in the month between now and election day. julie carrie, news 4. the first day of the 911 trial in guantanamo bay could last well into the night. all 87 pages of charges are beak read right now. the reading came as the result of a request of one of the accused terrorists. all five were defiant throughout today's proceedings, their attorneys say it is to protest
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torture by american authorities. turning now to the stanley cup playoffs. for the caps it was do or die and they did it. they even the searries with the new york rangers. dan hellie is here with the highlights. >> this is one they needed to have. they stepped up when they needed it most. it's been a while since the three best players all stepped up at the same time. today was the day the capitals starsshined. there was a question mark going into game five. here's what happened in the second period. capitals up 2-1. so ve circling the puck. can you see he just left his feet a little bit that could be a suspension. he took the penalty on the play. still the second period, a puck down the ice. the caps think this is going to be icing. they're tied at 2 after 2.
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in the third period, still tied at 2, mike green taking care of business. capitals on the power play. and mike green cranks and scores, capitals lead 3-2. it looks like they powered this one. now even two games a piece with game five coming up on monday in new york. coming up later in sports, we go inside the capitals locker room and have a more indepth look at how the caps even this series up. >> we wondered how tired they were after the last game, wednesday to thursday morning game. we kind of have the answer. still ahead, why the caps are shopping in the baby food aisle to stay energized. also ahead, the cicada invasion that has hit virginia. eli manning says he's prepared to sing and dance on snl tonight. the advice he got from big brother peyton. they're off. it's time for the running of the
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chihuahuas. got to love that, yes, indeed. a couple lucky folks had a clear sky to see a view of the super moon. if you didn't see it, we have
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the dreaded cicada is back. the cicada is harmless, but they can be very annoying, attaching to people's clothes and skin. this type comes out every 17 years and hopefully they will be gone by july. you've heard of the running of the bulls. today it was all about the chihuahuas, it was part of the cinco saturday mayo festivities at the southwest waterfront.
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money from the event will help build a neighborhood dog park. up next on news 4, clouds and rain, chuck will tell us what we can expect tomorrow. eli manning reveals the advice he got from his brother peyton about hosting snl toni
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super bowl mvp eli manning tests his acting and comedy skills tonight on "saturday night live." the giants quarterback is following in his brother's footsteps and says he turned to peyton for advice. mark barger has more.
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>> reporter: after nfl quarterback peyton manning won a super bowl, his younger brother eli did it too. twice in fact. this week eli's following peyton's footsteps again. >> my brother did it five years ago. i got to be here in the stands and watch him do that. it's always something i wanted to do. it needed for it to be the right time. >> eli's getting to benefit from his brother's experience. >> he says it's a lot of fun getting to know the cast members and the writers. it's long hours and it's work. you have to do something you're not comfortable. >> the writers may have him show off some heretofor unseen singing and dancing skills. >> he's trusting us, which may turn out to burn him in the end. so far he steams so have a lot of trust. >> he loves having athletes as
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hosts, they're not phased by the live element. >> as i like to say, at no point where anyone this week try to sack eli. >> can you catch ely manning on snl in 15 minutes, right avenues 4 at 11:00 ms when you're out on the ice for hours, playing a hockey game that could lead to a championship, what do you eat to stay fit and focused? we got an inside look at how these guys stay energized during the playoffs. it takes a lot of energy to play your best. the capitals tell us that staying hydrated and eating a balanced diet is the key to success. >> guys eat healthier than they used to, not just burgers and fries. >> we have power gels in between the first and second. banana between the second and third. if it goes any further than that, we have fruit, white rice. >> i always eat fish the night before a game and sweet potatoes, a lot of vegetables.
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>> the trainers do a great job, they give us a little food. >> my roommate and i have been sucking back some pedialytes. we'll head up to cvs in a little bit. >> the reason why pedialyte is popular with some athletes is because it's lower in sugar compared to other sports drins.s >> let's talk about the super moon. >> it was tough to see here in the northwest. >> we got cheated. those in virginia had a lot more cloud cover to deal with. the further north you went a lot better views across maryland than virginia. if you were cheated out of it, here you go. here's our full more than rising over washington. why are we calling it the super moon? because it's so close. it's only 221,000 miles away. on an average time, the moon is some 240,000 to 250,000 miles
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away. it was a little brighter and bigger. boy, you just can't get around the cloud deck sometimes. i hope you had a chance to look at it. it was a beauty. it's mostly cloudy in washington, 67 degrees with an east wind averaging 12 miles per hour, that onshore easterly wind is going to bring the marine layer in from the ocean, that means an awful lot of cloud cover coming your way for your sunday. very limited sunshine. here's your sunday planner, patchy fog in the morning, startoff temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. plenty of clouds through noontime. i think later on in the afternoon, we may be able to get a couple breaks of sunshine, the further north you go. the better your chances of seeing the sun tomorrow. drifting away from the city of washington right now, these showers in part, western maryland are going to stay far, far away from us. the showers we contended with earlier today are powerhouse thunderstorms rolling off the
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outer banks of north carolina. they will not be bothering from this point forward. late tonight into early tomorrow morning, and again, that onshore easterly wind will bring the cloud cover in, it may bring a little patch of drizzle or two for you folks along the blue ridge into the shenandoah valley. keep that in mind for tomorrow. not looking for rain, more clouds than drops as i would explain it. high pressure working its way offshore. more clouds than a rain threat for monday. rain threat returns as we get toward tuesday and wednesday. overnight increasing clouds, patchy fog by morning time. wakeup temperatures upper 50s and low 0s. tomorrow, more clouds than sunshine, but if you need to get something done outside, not much of anything in the way of a rain threat. i think you'll see a peak or two from time to time. the all important seven-day forecast. rain chances that we do need back for tuesday and wednesday, and then very nice to finish out the weekend, sort of slide us
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into next weekend. temperatures in the low to mid-70s, drying out once again. can you stay ahead of weather by following me on twitte twitter @chuckbell4. we didn't have a 6:00 news, but i was tweeting out where the raindrops were. >> super moon, once a year? >> this one won't be this big again for another 29 years. 20 something years. >> if you missed it, you missed it. still ahead on news 4 tonight. dan shows us how the caps bumped off the rangers.
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it was a great day to be a washington sports fan. >> the capitals getting gun, but they're not done yet. it's far from over. back in 2008, their marketing campaign for season tickets forced the young guns. today the guns were blazing, as three of the four score, and the capitals even their series with the rangers with a 3-2 win. at verizon center, ove had a dentist appointment with the trainer. it went well, i think. rangers try to clear it, ove picks it o, fires and scores. 1-0, caps taking another look. henrik lundqvist -- ove has 29 goals in his playoff career, one away from a franchise record. nick backstrom gets it over to jason, back to backstrom and nicki scores high on the stick
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side. third period now, score tied at 2, and mike green provides the power. the slapper in there for the goal, the capitals hold on for the 3-2 win. they even the series at two games a piece, thanks to a trio of young guns coming up large. >> we needed to step up. it was important that we got here. and the guys that need to start sparring. alex is one of them, myself, and nicki. it was good. >> the big guns, we scored some big goals for us, and the foot soldiers and played good defense. >> you work for those, and we finally get one at the right time. game over green, i guess. mike green. great s a game breaker, makes a great shot and ends up being on goal. >> has a good ring to it. rmgs forget take back the park, take back the nats.
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the nats offense returns to south capital street. toss in another stellar performance from starting pitcher geo gonzalez, and the nationals pound the phillies 7-1, a rare blowout for the nats this season. the former philly and $126 million man jasyson werth, phillies up 1-0, but no more. werth has runners on the corners and is going yard. his third homer of the year, the nationals take a 3-1 lead. same inning, rick ankiel pulls one down the line. chad tracy comes in to score. danny espinosa waived in from second. very aggressive move, the nationals pay the price, espinosa gunned down at the plate. the nats take a 4-1 lead. in the 7th, chad tracer, been a big baller lately. this is like chad tracy, sir ka
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2005. his second home run in as many nights. he also had three hits on the night, the nats win 7-1, going for the series sweep tomorrow on sunday night baseball. one big inning from the o's as well. baltimore visiting boston, top three. o's up 2-0. one on, and one gone for adam jones. over the green monster and out of fenway park. a two-run bomb, jones' seventh home run of the season, 4-0 birds. two on for mark reynolds, and he homers for the second straight game. this one, of the three run variety. the o's beat the red sox 8-2, it's the orioles fourth straight win. they're 18 and 9. they're wrapping up things in bottin tomorrow, before they come back for a nine-game home stand. so much for the favorites in the kentucky derby, it was 15-1 longshot who was once sold for $11,000. and ridden by a rookie jockey.
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the 138th running of the kentucky derby. i'll have another. starting from coast number 19. just sitting back and letting things happen. here's a final call down the stretch. >> holding on to the lead. i'll have another. on the outside, is closing in. i'll have another. the kentucky derby. >> mario gutierrez the jockey making his der bay debut at 25. i'll have another now coming to the preakness as one of the favorites. d.c. united getting a big win tonight as well. >> that's o
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